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In the most central area of ​​the Mexican Caribbean, with the luxury of the jungle space and the use of fabrics, indigenous and recycled materials, you will find our BAD BOYS TULUM store with a lower price than any other store in the Rivera Maya.

Our style was created with the intention of merging designs and outfits for genderless clothing, currently we have more than 100 own designs, different with exclusive, biodegradable fabrics and of the best quality in their finishes. This is how our stores are for our customers who visit us from all over the world.

Our idea of ​​expanding the brand aims at this project and is to present a profitable business model that offers our investor a dynamic and sustainable business plan, the same one whose vision is a one-term relationship, to become one of the most recognized clothing and accessories stores for men, innovating and creating new fashion trends in all regions of the country.

To strengthen our brand, we rely on social networks; We created a web platform with 30 own domains, letting our clients know that we are a company that cares about their satisfaction, within the web our clients will be able to see our various models of clothing and accessories, as well as give their suggestions on tastes and new expectations, they will also be able to purchase their products from said website including you in your area through our client area search engine.

We are on Facebook and Instagram with a sustainable growth of followers week after week, so you should not worry about the virtual area, we already have it in mind for your benefit.

As we added customers and our income increased, we began with the search to expand our stores in the different cities of Mexico and soon to the world.

Our value proposition is to offer you a varied, original and innovative product of good quality for your area, in the form of distribution or representation and exclusive to Bad Boys Tulum. We include product, price, place and promotion strategies; in the same way, the operational and administrative tasks that will help to achieve the proposed goals for your store. Pre-sale, sale and post-sale services will also be very important, which will make a difference against the competition.

If you got this far it is because you have in mind the idea of ​​creating your clothing store as a business, in advance we understand that you love fashion and we appreciate your visit.

We invite you to tell us what your business idea is, so we can design your new lifestyle together.